What You Should Read

You Should Read: Literally Everything Jennifer Weiner Has Written

May 10, 2022 Season 3 Episode 29
What You Should Read
You Should Read: Literally Everything Jennifer Weiner Has Written
Show Notes

Hey Should-Heads! We're discussing one of our favorite authors today and doing a deep dive into Jennifer Weiner and her backlist. We've all read her for years and we discuss our favorites, when we started reading her and, of course, where you should start if you haven't read her already. (There's no bad option there.)

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Links Mentioned:

Our Big Summer episode: https://www.whatyoushouldread.com/1101233/3821771-you-should-read-big-summer 

The SNL skit Kelly is watching instead of reading:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kQxVwYwrME 

Currently Reading:

Julia: One Italian Summer (Rebecca Serle)

Kelly: book slump

Rachael: The Two Towers (JRR Tolkein), Daughter of the Forest (Juliet Marillier) and Wow, No Thank You (Samantha Irby)

Recent Acquisitions: 

Julia: Anybody Out There (Marian Keyes), I’m Just a Person (Tig Notaro), Book Lovers (Emily Henry), and A Lady For a Duke (Alexis Hall)

Kelly: Castle on Sunset (Shawn Levy), Book Lovers (Emily Henry), A Lady For a Duke (Alexis Hall) and Children on the Hill (Jennifer McMahon)

Rachael: The Dutch House (Ann Patchett), The Mothers (Brit Bennett), Less (Andrew Sean Greer), Book Lovers (Emily Henry), Lady For a Duke (Alexis Hall) and The Other Mother (Rachel Harper)

Our Recommendations:
Julia: Mrs. Everything, That Summer and All Fall Down

Kelly: In Her Shoes, Hungry Heart and Best Friends Forever

Rachael: Good in Bed, Little Earthquakes and Fly Away Home

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