What You Should Read

You Should Read: Our Summer Reading Guide

June 07, 2022 Kelly Hager, Julia Hall, Rachael Hall Season 3 Episode 31
What You Should Read
You Should Read: Our Summer Reading Guide
Show Notes

Hey Should-Heads! We're all excited for summer because we get to do all of our favorite things! So whether you're looking forward to hiking or spending time with family or staying inside and avoiding all other humans, we have you covered! We're also approaching our second anniversary of the podcast, so we mention a bunch of other episodes. And there's a special cameo from Mom-of-the-Pod Becky. Enjoy!

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Links Mentioned:

Interview with Michael Koryta: https://www.whatyoushouldread.com/1101233/7998427-you-should-read-never-far-away-with-author-michael-koryta 

Klara and the Sun book club: https://www.whatyoushouldread.com/1101233/8323205-you-should-read-klara-and-the-sun-book-club-episode-with-angie-kim 

Interviews with Adib Khorram: https://www.whatyoushouldread.com/1101233/4943663-you-should-read-darius-the-great-is-not-okay-with-author-adib-khorram and https://www.whatyoushouldread.com/1101233/9979707-you-should-read-kiss-tell-with-special-guest-adib-khorram 

Interview with Sara Paretsky: https://www.whatyoushouldread.com/1101233/10454829-you-should-read-the-v-i-warshawski-series-by-sara-paretsky-author-interview 

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