What You Should Read

You Should Read: Body Positive Books!

July 05, 2022 Kelly Hager, Julia Hall, Rachael Hall Season 3 Episode 33
What You Should Read
You Should Read: Body Positive Books!
Show Notes

Hey Should-Heads! It's summer and we are excited for all of our favorite things: beaches, pools and doing whatever we want, wearing whatever we want. It's hard to do and if you're not quite there yet, we have recommendations! (We've got fiction, nonfiction, adult, YA and middlegrade picks, too.)

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Links Mentioned:

Emily Henry interview 

Tweet about the interview (with the screenshots) 

Currently Reading:

Julia: Lessons in Chemistry (Bonnie Garmus) and By the Book (Jasmine Guillory)

Kelly: Go Hunt Me (Kelly DeVos)

Rachael: Anne of Windy Willows/Poplars (depending on who you ask; L.M. Montgomery) and One Italian Summer (Rebecca Serle)


Julia: Anti-Diet (Christy Harrison), It's Been a Pleasure, Noni Blake (Claire Christian) and There's Something About Sweetie (Sandhya Menon)

Kelly: Good Enough and You Are Enough (Jen Petro-Roy), Dumplin' (Julie Murphy) and everything by Jennifer Weiner

Rachael: Big Girl (Kelsey Miller), You’d Be So Pretty If (Dara Chadwick), The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things (Carolyn Mackler), Body Kindness (Rebecca Scritchfield)

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