What You Should Read

You Should Read: A Vow So Bold and Deadly (with author Brigid Kemmerer!)

January 26, 2021 Kelly Hager, Julia Hall, Rachael Hall Season 2 Episode 4
What You Should Read
You Should Read: A Vow So Bold and Deadly (with author Brigid Kemmerer!)
Show Notes

Greetings, Should-Heads! We're very excited to share this week's episode. Brigid Kemmerer has written one of our favorite trilogies ever and, as you may expect, we have some opinions over which kingdom should prevail. In the end we are for Syhl Shallow, except for Julia, who is not the boss of the show notes, KELLY IS. We also discuss her next release (Defy the Night, out in September!), the books she loved growing up, the best friendship ever and much more. 

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Links From the Episode:

Book news:
Amanda Gorman's website, including links to buy and pre-order her books: https://www.theamandagorman.com/ 

Bachelor Nation reading challenge:    https://www.instagram.com/p/CJl3uDVJmuc/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link 

Currently Reading: 
Brigid: a secret book of Jodi Picoult's, a new Elizabeth Lim and A Song of Wraiths and Ruin (Roseanne A. Brown)

Julia: Silver Sparrow (Tayari Jones) and The Unraveling of Cassidy Holmes (Elissa R. Stone)

Kelly: The Shadows (Alex North)

Rachael: The Removed (Brandon Hobson)


Recent Acquisitions: 

Julia: The First 15 Lives of Harry August (Claire North) and Likes (Sarah Shun-lien Bynum)

Kelly: If I Disappeared (Eliza Jane Brazier; preorder, due out Jan. 26), Those Who Prey (Jennifer Moffett), The Awakening of Malcolm X (Ilyasah Shabazz and Tiffany D. Jackson) and Troublemaker (Leah Remini--a good pick for our Bachelor Nation reading challenge!)

Rachael: The Graceling series (Graceling, Fire, Bitterblue and Winterkeep; Kristin Cashore).


Other books mentioned in the episode:

Brigid Kemmerer's entire backlist (the Cursebreakers trilogy, the Elementals series, Thicker Than Water, Letters to the Lost, More Than We Can Tell and Call it What You Want)

Uprooted (Naomi Novik)

This is My America (Kim Johnson)

Christopher Pike (specifically Remember Me), Lois Duncan, The Babysitters Club, The Saddle Club, The Silver Kiss (Annette Curtis Klause) Saaba Tahir and Jennifer L. Armentrout.

The Gift of Fear (Gavin de Becker)


Follow Brigid Kemmerer:

Website: https://brigidkemmerer.com/
Twitter: @BrigidKemmerer
Instagram: @BrigidKemmerer
Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4629194.Brigid_Kemmerer 

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