What You Should Read

You Should Read: Books by Asian Authors!

May 18, 2021 Kelly Hager, Julia Hall, Rachael Hall Season 2 Episode 20
What You Should Read
You Should Read: Books by Asian Authors!
Show Notes

Hi, Should-Heads! We're so excited to talk about Asian authors this week and it's a lot of great books over multiple genres. We've got some amazing books to share and we'd love to hear any recommendations you have for us! 

Links mentioned in this episode:
 Learn more about Stop Asian Hate! and donate or get involved here: https://stopaapihate.org/actnow/  

 LeVar Burton book club: https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/wireStory/levar-burton-launches-book-club-james-baldwin-77630800 

Jodi Picoult musical: https://www.jodipicoult.com/breathe.html and get tickets to stream it here: https://overture.plus/patron/breathe?ref=JPwebw 

While Justice Sleeps TV show: https://variety.com/2021/tv/people-news/stacey-abrams-while-justice-sleeps-series-1234970687/ 

Currently Reading:         
Julia: One Last Stop (Casey McQuiston) and That Summer (Jennifer Weiner) 
Kelly: It Happened One Summer (Tessa Bailey) and The Anthropocene Reviewed (John Green) 
Rachael: One Last Stop (Casey McQuiston) and The Poppy War (R.F. Kuang) 

Recent Acquisitions: 

 Julia: That Summer (Jennifer Weiner) and Faye, Faraway (Helen Fisher)
Kelly: That Summer (Jennifer Weiner), While Justice Sleeps (Stacey Abrams) and It Happened One Summer (Tessa Bailey)
Rachael: That Summer (Jennifer Weiner) and While Justice Sleeps (Stacey Abrams)

Books mentioned in this episode:

Julia: White Ivy (Susie Yang), If You See Me, Don't Say Hi (Neel Patel) and Here and Now and Then (Mike Chen)

Kelly: Ten Things I Hate About Pinky (Sandhya Menon), Meet Cute Diary (Emery Lee) and Arsenic and Adobo (Mia P. Manansala)

 Rachael: The Ones We're Meant to Find (Joan He), Pachinko (Min Jin Lee) and Anna K and Anna K Away (both by Jenny Lee).

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Don't forget about our next book club! We're discussing Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers on June 8! You won't want to miss it--and one of our favorite guests is coming back to discuss it with us!

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