What You Should Read

You Should Read...Locked in Time by Lois Duncan (with Jennifer Goldberg)

August 24, 2021 Kelly Hager, Julia Hall, Rachael Hall Season 2 Episode 31
What You Should Read
You Should Read...Locked in Time by Lois Duncan (with Jennifer Goldberg)
Show Notes

Hi, Should-Heads! It feels like it's been forever, doesn't it? That makes this episode all the more appropriate; we're discussing Locked in Time, a favorite of Kelly's and her best friend Jen's, and a book that's about people that actually have been living forever (or fairly close to it). We also discuss more childhood favorites and our current pop culture favorites.

Currently Reading:

Julia: Locked in Time (Lois Duncan), Bridgerton (Julia Quinn) and The Other Me (Sarah Zachrich Jeng) 
Kelly: Fresh (Margot Wood); recently read Chasing the Boogeyman (Richard Chizmar), The Family Plot (Megan Collins) and The Nothing Man (Catherine Ryan Howard) 
Rachael: A Slow Fire Burning (Paula Hawkins), Once There Were Wolves (Charlotte McConaghy), Don't Overthink It (Anne Bogel) and Pleasure Activism (Adrienne Maree Brown)


What We're Watching:

Julia: Downton Abbey

Kelly: Friends and Ted Lasso

Rachael: My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Good Place and listening to The Self Love Fix podcast


Recent Acquisitions:


Julia: Four Thousand Weeks (Oliver Berkeman)


Kelly: e-galleys of True Crime Story (Joseph Knox), We Are Not Like Them (Christine Pride and Jo Piazza) and Here's to Us (Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera); bought Velvet Was the Night (Silvia Moreno-Garcia) and preordered A Night to Die For (Lisa Schroeder)


Rachael: Keeper of the Light (Leanne Lovegrove), All the Feels (Olivia Dade), The Ex Hex (Erin Sterling), Detransition, Baby (Torrey Peters) and Migrations (Charlotte McConaghy)


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