What You Should Read

You Should Read: Our Most Anticipated February Releases!

February 01, 2022 Kelly Hager, Julia Hall, Rachael Hall Season 3 Episode 5
What You Should Read
You Should Read: Our Most Anticipated February Releases!
Show Notes

Hey Should-Heads! We've got so many great books to look forward to! We've rounded up our favorite ones; let us know if we missed anything.

Look for the books mentioned in this episode on Libro.fm by using our affiliate link. When you buy using this link, you are supporting the podcast! AND if you use our code WHATYOUSHOULDREAD at checkout you can get your first two books for the price of one.  Check out our recommendations here: https://libro.fm/playlists/2450  

Links Mentioned: 

New Celeste Ng: https://lithub.com/theres-a-new-celeste-ng-novel-coming-this-fall/ 

Books lost at sea: https://www.npr.org/2022/01/29/1076664011/due-to-a-shipping-container-incident-every-copy-of-2-cookbooks-were-lost-at-sea#:~:text=When%2065%20shipping%20containers%20slipped,Dinner%20In%20One%3A%20Exceptional%20%26%20Easy 

Currently Reading:

Julia: Dating Dr. Dil

Kelly: Horrid

Rachael: between books

Overdue Book: Random Family

Recent Acquisitions:

Julia: Tell the Machine Goodnight (Katie Wiliams), The Last Cuentista (Donna Barba Higuera), Flying Solo (Linda Holmes), Miss Me With That (Rachel Lindsay), Light Years From Home (Mike Chen)

Kelly:  Tell the Machine Goodnight (Katie Williams), The Last Cuentista (Donna Barba Higuera), The Roughest Draft (Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka), The Magnolia Palace (Fionaa Davis), Devil House (John Darnielle), The Overnight Guest (Heather Gudenkauf), The Accomplice (Lisa Lutz), The Lies I Tell (Julie Clark), Please Join Us (Catherine McKenzie) and Doomsday Mother (John Glatt)

Rachael: still on book buying ban

Most Anticipated: 

Julia: Again Rachel, The Life You Left Behind and The School of Mirrors

Kelly: Catch Her When She Falls, Required Reading for the Disenfranchised Freshman, The Arc and Echo

Rachael: Legends and Lattes (Travis Baldree), One Night on the Island, The Family Chao, All the Right Reasons (Bethany Mangle)

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